House for Sale Hua Hin: 3 Things You Should Know Before Buying One

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Just like with buying property in any country, acquiring a house for sale Hua Hin takes a few things to know before making your next big purchase, especially if you’re a foreigner.
We decided to outline the 3 most important things to know before buying a house for sale Hua Hin so you can have a great buyer experience and skip any difficulties that might pop up along the way.

3 things to know before purchasing a house for sale Hua Hin

1) A foreigner can’t own land in Thailand
Thai law prohibits foreigners from owning any amount of land in Thailand. So that’s the first thing to remember about when deciding to buy property in the country, be it a house for sale Hua Hin, or any other property.
However, you can fully own the property built on that specific plot, i.e. you own the building but don’t own the land. There are also 2 options for foreign acquisition of land which we’ll take a look at next. 
2) So how can you buy land legally? 
The first option is to buy a 30-year lease on the land which gives you full ownership (including foreign ownership) on all buildings on that plot. 
The second option involves starting up a Thai company. If you plan to establish a business in Thailand, the land ownership can belong to the company, not an individual, e.g. its founder. As a foreign business owner you’ll then be able to manage the land and properties fully. 
3) Before you decide 
A great way to make the right property investment is simply to rent a house and get a feel for the place. It’s easy and straightforward and as a real estate agent we can help with the rental. Rentals don’t oblige you to anything but you can understand what it’s like to live there and if that’s what you looking for. 

What’s next?

Please feel free to contact us for complete advice on acquiring a house for sale Hua Hin. 
Indeed, purchasing house for sale Hua Hin need not be difficult – make sure to contact us with any questions and we’ll take care of the entire process for you.